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5 Room Apartment in 60 Square Meters

The artwork turns into chairs!!!!

"It’s not about money, but about ones outlook on life."  What I like about this small apt is that after one opens the glass sliding door, one’s living space becomes the balcony.  This trend towards uncluttered and efficient small spaces reduces "stuff" and clutter and acknowledges that for active people, most of life takes place outside and not where you sleep at night. This is a lifestyle for people who get out and do things, active people who don’t sit at home watching TV and collecting stuff. Clean efficient minds require clean efficient living spaces.  Smaller spaces also allow the expense of very high end and efficient appliances.  I love and support this trend, especially for single people.

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Your thoroughbred camper likes not the attentions of a landlord, nor will he suffer himself to be rooted to the soil by cares of ownership or lease. It is not possession of the land, but of the landscape, that enjoys; and as for that, all the wild parts of the earth are his, by a title that carries with it no obligation but that he shall not desecrate nor lay them waste.

Houses, to such a one, in summer are little better than cages; fences and walls are his abomination; plowed fields are only so many patches of torn and tormented earth. The sleek comeliness of pasture it too prim and artificial, domestic cattle have a meek and ignoble bearing, fields of grain are monotonous to his eyes, which turn for relief to abandoned old-field, overgrown with thicket, that still harbors some the shy children of the wild. It is not the clearing but the unfenced wilderness that is the camper’s real home. He is brother to that good old friend of mine who in gentle satire of our formal gardens and close- cropped lawns, was wont to say, ‘I love the unimproved works of God.


Horace Kephart (via atruepatriot)  My friends and I were camped in the desert near Tucson on BLM land  is a very pristine  area, each there for our love of nature, natural living, and freedom.  We don’t like “the rat race”.  One of group is a retired military man, a young couple who work catering jobs and the gem show, myself a writer.  Some yahoos cruised through our camp ground screaming “honkies! homeless assholes!” and our mouths dropped.  We looked around us at the others there.  You know any homeless honkies traveling in $300,000 motor homes pulling cars????

Some folks just like to live in nature.  Some are travelers.  Some are gypsies.  Some are hippies.  Some just like freedom.  All are obvious dropouts, done with the rat face.  We are people who like to look at the sky and actually see the galaxy.  We like to listen to coyotes at night.  We like to wake up a primitive view from all the windows every morning.  We like to converse around a campfire rather than watch TV at night.

One thing we are not is homeless honkies.  Everyone should have a place in America.  It gets harder every year to camp in the desert and the forests. We’re not the people who dump furniture and boats in the forests.  Those thing don’t fit in our small homes.  We only leave our tire tracks.  Have some respect. We have respect.  We respect nature.  It’s the locals who litter such land.  They are avoiding land fill fees.  Figure it out.